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This is the central control for the alarm system. This is a unique device designed to protect you better whether you are inside your home or business. It's portable in an emergency. It has an SOS button that allows you to immediately connect to the alarm monitoring station. It doesn't need a telephone line because it has a SIM card connection.


Zero visibility in less than 45 seconds. The most effective protective system that can expel burglars in seconds. Thanks to the advanced image and audio verification process with 99.5% accuracy, the system will only be activated by the alarm receiving centre in case of a genuine alarm. This system is effective in protecting your property before the guards and the police arrive. Burglars can't steal what they can't see.


This is an essential element for the verification of an alarm. It enables the police to be notified without giving a false alarm. If there is an intrusion, it sends images of the incident as it occurs so that the intruder can be identified. It has a built in flash which permits identification even in full darkness.